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3D Printer Resin
3D Printer Resin
3D Printer Resin
3D Printer Resin
3D Printer Resin
3D Printer Resin
3D Printer Resin
3D Printer Resin

Conjure Tough 3D Printer Resin

$119.97 USD $94.99 USD
50% elongation at break ensures good flexibility and drop protection.
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Sale price-3KG

Color: Black


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Cojure Tough Resin

Tough engineering resin printed parts can be folded multiple times without breaking an excellent surface finish. Very tough and suitable for soft touch applications, functional prototypes, and iterative designs. For example, grips, handles, buffers, straps, pads, etc.

Good choice if you request prints with non-brittle and durable

  • Ultra-low Shrinkage: 0.2~0.7% shrinkage can avoid much post-processing
  • Mixable: Can mix with standard resin to make it not that brittle
  • Highly Toughness: 50% elongation at break means the print has good flexibility and protects the prints well when dropped.
  • Higher viscosity with better mechanical properties. you may need 1~2s more exposure time but it is worth getting more durable prints.

Conjure tough is designed for functional gadgets that request high toughness. it has worse performance in printing detail, not recommend to print high detail miniature, You can mix it with other resin to get moderate results.

We highly recommend trying our Conjure rigid and Conjure sculpt for display pieces like figures and tabletop minis.

Real Non-brittle and Mixable

Great toughness to make your prints non-brittle. Its print detail may not that good, you can mix it with normal resin to get better detail with moderate mechanical properties.

Model by: Greg Kourakos

Functional Gadgets

Conjure tough is not a flexible resin, but you can expect prints with good flexibility. It has 50% elongation at break, which is good for some rubber-like function gadgets.

More Durable

Higher viscosity means better mechanical properties. you may need 1~2s more exposure time, but it is worth getting more durable prints.

With Conjure tough resin you will get excellent toughness prints.

Printer: ELEGOO Mars 3
Resin: Conjure Tough
Layer height: 0.05mm
Exposure time: 2.5s
Bottom exporsure time:35s
Bottom layers: 5

Mixed with normal resin

Tough resin can mix with normal resin, such as Anycubic standard ABS-Like resin and ELEGOO Water washable series resin.

The prints with mixed resin will be non-brittle and more durable.

The color may change but not affect the print quality.

Both 3 Conjure resins are tough like types, It depends on what you are going to print.
For miniatures or figures, the details and unbreakable are key demands, you can use Conjure Sculpt resin, or mix the Siraya tenacious with normal resin.
For FDM printing parts. you can use the Conjure Rigid or Tough, it has a better surface and is much faster than FDM printers, after painting you get almost the same durability.
For dental or other usage you may have to find professional customized series like Formlabs.

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