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3d printing resin
3d printing resin
3d printing resin
3d printing resin

Conjure Sculpt 3D Printer Resin

$110.97 USD $94.99 USD
Best for high-detail miniatures and display pieces.
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ML: Sale price-3KG

Sale price-3KG

Color: Sculpt Grey

Sculpt Grey

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Conjure Sculpt Resin

  • High-precision with an extremely smooth surface
  • Best choice for high detailed miniatures and display pieces
  • More durable than standard resin, unbreakable when dropped from the desk
  • Higher viscosity, better machinability, and harder to print, but worth trying if you want the best surface quality
  • Compatibility with most LCD and DLP printers and recommended print temperature range of 25℃~30℃

High Detailed Miniatures

Miniatures from creative artists worldwide make the base of resin printing. Conjure sculpt resin aims to allow you to reach the details they designed.

Model by Loot-Studios

Tabletop Gaming

Different RPG and tabletop board gaming are very popular, our grey color makes the detail come out great.

Model by Collective Studio

Head Sculpt

Our beige color has a very high viscosity because of more ceramic powder in the material, and it allows you to print the most complex detailed surface from head sculpt.

Model by FRKN

High toughness & Non-brittle

Conjure sculpt follows the ASTM D638 test, we get the elongation at break 32%, which means it has good toughness and you can expect unbreakable prints.

Ultra-low Shrinkage

With low shrinkage, you can expect the prints to come out the same size as your file design, with no more glue, magnet, sanding, and other post-process workload.

Longer Shelf Time

Conjure resin has a 18 months shelf time, and the package protect resin very well from leaking.

Conjure sculpt resin has very low shrinkage for articulated figures, and the best detail for miniatures helps a lot before painting.

The beige color is hard to handle if you are not very experienced. make sure your bed is leveled well and the temperature over 25 degrees.


Shake well before use
Recommended temperature 25°C – 30°C
Always wear gloves and a mask to avoid direct skin contact
Keep away from children, dust, and direct sunlight
Wash with plenty of water immediately if you get direct skin contact with resin

Valkyrie Queen from Loot Studios

The Loot Studios has quite a few great designs for your printing.
Printer: ELEGOO Mars 3
Resin: Conjure Sculpt
Layer height: 0.05mm
Exposure time: 2.5s
Bottom exporsure time:35s
Bottom layers: 5

How to choose the right resin?

Both 3 Conjure resins are tough like types, It depends on what you are going to print.

For miniatures or figures, the details and unbreakable are key demands, you can use Conjure Sculpt resin, or mix the Siraya tenacious with normal resin.

For FDM printing parts. you can use the Conjure Rigid or Tough, it has a better surface and is much faster than FDM printers, after painting you get almost the same durability..

For dental or other usage you may have to find professional customized series like Formlabs.

Technical data sheet