Conjure Rigid Clear Series Resin


The Conjure Rigid resin is great for both miniatures and functional models. fast curing time

It is stiffer than normal standard resin, it has a better ability in flexibility during post-process. good for functional gadgets printing.


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Conjure Rigid Clear Series Resin


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rigid clear

Conjure Rigid engineering-like resins offer long-term environmental stability, strength, elongation at break balance, excellent surface finish, and durability with impact resistance like ABS materials. And it is compatible with most LCD printers with much better features.

  • Ultra-low Shrinkage: Shrinkage at 0.2%~0.7% good for articulated figure
  • Good Machinability:  Rigid resin has great mechanical properties, turning, milling, and tapping it directly from post-curing
  • Highly Toughness & Rigidity: 85D hardness and 35% Elongation at Break, make your prints real non-brittle, and more durable
  • Functional gadgets: A nice choice for FDM printing with PLA-ABS, 
  • Wide Exposure Range: Compatible with 385-405nm UV light, higher viscosity with better mechanical quality worth trying

Clear resin characteristics and applications

rigid clear-3
rigid clear
conjure resin-2
rigid clear resin
conjure rigid clear
conjure resin
rigid clear-2

If you want the prints to be more translucent, further post-processing is required. For example, sanding or applying glossy oil.

rigid clear-3
Functional gadgets

Functional gadgets

With the good feature in resistance impact and precision, you can use the rigid to print functional gadgets, mechanical toys, and 3d printer accessories.

OpenRC parts F1

OpenRC parts

If you are looking for a resin to replace FDM printing with PLA, Rigid is your choice. with better details and faster printing speed.

Model by Daniel Norée

Good Machinability

Though the rigid resin has a higher viscosity than normal resin, its machinability is much better too, if you are going to print for a special application, it is worth trying the Rigid.

Articulated figure - Teccotoys

Articulated figure

With the good feature in resistance impact and precision, you can use the rigid to print functional gadgets, mechanical toys, and 3d printer accessories.

Model by Teccotoys

ASTM D638 Test

ASTM D638 Test

Conjure Rigid follows the ASTM D638 test, we get the elongation at break 35%, which means it has good toughness and you can expect unbreakable prints.

Conjure Rigid 1kg bottle

Longer shelf time

Conjure resin has an 18 months shelf time, and the package protects the resin from leaking.

Thread works perfect

Conjure Rigid resin has a great shrinkage at 0.2%~0.7%.
When making prototypes of rigid parts that need to resist bending, there is a need for chemical resistance and dimensional stability under load, which cannot be met by the usual standard resins.

Printed voron

3D printer parts

Resin printing is faster and get better surface compare to FDM printing.
The resin is not that durable like filament, for functional parts, or FDM prints like RC kit, you can also consider Rigid resin now.

The conjure rigid has good stiffness with toughness together, and it is supposed to print the ABS-Like structure. like most you do with your fdm printers, this resin provide an option for quicklier printing and high quality.

With its low shrinkage(0.2~0.7%) you can expected 100% correct size as your design.

Both 3 Conjure resins are tough-like types, It depends on what you are going to print.

For miniatures or figures, the details and unbreakable are key demands, you can use Conjure Sculpt resin, or mix the Siraya tenacious with normal resin.

For FDM printing parts. you can use the Conjure Rigid or Tough, it has a better surface and is much faster than FDM printers, after painting you get almost the same durability.

For dental or other usage you may have to find other professional customized series like Formlabs.

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conjure rigid resin


3D Printing Workflow

Make sure to wear nitrile gloves anytime you intend to handle liquid resin.

1. Check the model

Make sure to prepare your model well, to not get a failed print, you should check the orientation, dig hole, and support settings.

CHITUBOX has some great tutorials to explain how to add support

2. Printing profile settings. (exposure time, lift speed, etc.)

Your local printing environment and resin setting greatly affect the final print quality. Conjure series resin requests a temperature of 25-30 ℃.

Conjure resin printing profile guide, Click here

You can also download the exposure test file to get the best settings for your printers. Click here

3. Check printer status before printing

3.1 Make sure your printer vat is clean,(no extra piece in the vat, or it will affect the quality and can damage your machine). there is a video by Nerdtronic Why Resin 3D Prints Fail

3.2 Make sure your plate has been levelled following the manufacturers' instructions for normal resin, it is easy to print,  The Conjure series resin, especially for the sculpt resin, has a higher viscosity, you must ensure the bed has been properly levelled before printing, It shallow penetration depth makes the adhesion between layers not very strong. (For bigger printers the levelling is more important)

3.3 Adding more lifting distance and reducing the lifting speed will help to get better results.

4. Shake the resin before use

You need to shake the bottle for a few minis if your resin has not used in a long time.

5. Clean the prints

It is better to clean the resin before post-curing because the chemical reaction is not completed during the initial printing. There is uncured resin left on your prints.

We recommend using Ethanol or IPA and a painter brush (or any brush made of hair) to remove uncured resin. A wash station is a great way to clean prints well. 

For some complex print, an ultrasonic cleaner is the best choice to clean it.

6. Dry and post-curing

Dry the prints before curing them, and use 395~405nm UV light for about 60s to cure them. If you need more time to cure the prints, maybe your prints have not cleaned well.

7. Surface Primer and Paint to make the prints more durable

The resin material is not that good in durability compared to the filament. The humidity and light affect it even if it is post-cured.

Advantages of surface primer:

  • Colour anti-interference ability, cover the original colour of the model parts to prevent colour deviation.
  • Easy to reflect the details after a surface primer base to facilitate the inspection of surface defects and textures.
  • The surface primer base has stronger adhesion to the paint to prevent paint loss.

8. Frequently asked printing issue

We also write many articles on CHITUBOX website to help you understand better what printing issue you may meet, and why it happens.

You can learn more detail here:

Resin 3D Printing Troubleshooting

resin printing troubleshooting

CHITUBOX did quite a few tests and create the troubleshooting knowledge for users, take a look here if you meet a failed resin printing.

Resin 3d printing Troubleshooting

Chitu systems Facebook group

Discuss resin printing and interesting feedback there

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  1. Country: AU

    By far the best resin I’ve used.
    Extremely long shelf life, and superb quality and durability.

    I only use this resin, and if Conjure doesn’t have anything I buy from other brands.
    But so far 90% of my prints have been with this resin for their strength, durability, precision and reliability.

    If you want a resin that is by price comparable to others with an extreme high quality, this is a non-stop-shop for you.

    I use it for miniature models to engineering pieces. It has not disappoint.

    And thats just the product, the costumer service is as reliable as the product itself. 10/10

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  2. Country: RU

    Well packed, beautiful aluminum bottle. I haven’t checked in the case yet.

    (0) (0)
  3. Country: RU

    This is not the first time to buy, I am satisfied with the quality, the delivery is fast.

    (0) (0)
  4. Country: RU

    Excellent resin, very deep black color, it literally does not reflect light))) the detail is super, the only resin is quite slow. One of the minutes is just printed in black and blue rygid.

    (0) (0)
  5. Country: RU

    Everything is great. Good store. Respond quickly and politely. Thank you.

    (0) (0)
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