2K Mono LCD for ELEGOO Mars, Mars Pro and OG Photon | Essential Upgrades!

Chitu systems has been working on 3d printing control systems for over 8 years, and we provide stable and affordable control system solutions for top brands. Such as ELEGOO, Anycubic photon, Phrozen, Creality, etc.

At the beginning of the resin printing market, many 3d printers used the RGB LCD. These LCDs were used for mobile, especially the 5.5-inch sharp04 screen, which has a large stock with a lower price.

Why upgrade?

Since 2018, Mono LCD is coming out, and it has been widely used in 2019, the Phrozen sonic Mini, ELEGOO mars 2 series, and Anycubic Photon mono series.

When professional LCD manufacturers like BOE pay attention at 3d printing market, more and more monochrome screens come out.

We also write an article about RGB vs. Mono, and you can check the below post.

Monochrome LCD screen vs normal RGB LCD screen- What’s new?

Greg (3DPrintingPro) also made a video to explain the differences between RGB LCD and Mono LCD.

In a nutshell, the Mono screen has three advantages and has become an essential upgrade for resin 3d printers!

1. Faster printing speed

The mono LCD has a better UV light transmittance, which means when you use the same resin, it takes less time to make it cure, and in the Chitubox setting, you will only need an exposure time of around 2.5s. In RGB LCD, the exposure time is about 8s~12s. Each layer saves you a few seconds. If you are printing a large file, it is much faster.

2. More durable in lifespan

The mono LCD has process optimization, making the screen run long under UV light. It is suspected to work over 2,000 hours. And the RGB LCD can only work for about 200 hours.

3. Better contrast ratio

The mono screen is designed for 3d printers; it also considers the usage of 3d printing technology. A better contrast ratio means you will get better details on the models, especially in sharpness.

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Though almost all the new resin 3d printers come with the mono screen now,  there are more than 300k old RGB printers in the market. An upgrade for these old printers is necessary, especially for the 5.5-inch printer like the original Anycubic Photon, ELEGOO mars, and mars pro.

And we also talk to the community and get some good ideas, Yasu(Hiro Creations) use the Chitu V3 board with a 6.08 mono LCD to upgrade his original Photon. and some customers use Chitu L M1 to upgrade the Wanhao D8.

How To Overclock an OG Anycubic Photon with a Mono LCD Upgrade

After some further testing, we work out these upgrade kits that request less modification work during upgrading.

This kit uses a DXQ608-04 monochrome screen with some modified parts, compare with the previous FHD mono, this screen has a better resolution and is widely used on small 3d printers.

The ELEGOO Mars and Mars pro use the Chitu V2 board, called the C board.

And it only takes a few minutes to finish the upgrade. (Note: Only C board version can work with the new kit)

ChiTu L V2


ELEGOO Mars pro upgrade guide

A few steps are just as simple as replacing an LCD.

1. Losen four screws and take off the shell.

2. Losen four screws and take off the fixing bracket.

3. Take off the old LCD.

4. Replace with new Mono 2K KCD.

5. Update firmware.

6. Leveling and start printing.

Note: Because this modified kit limits the physical size, you need to adjust the printing area on CHITUBOX settings. The new LCD has a bigger printing size than the original 5.5 inch LCD.

The Creality LD002R based on a Chitu V3 board, it can support the new mono LCD directly, you only need to update the firmware after replacing it.

The Anycubic Photon has to use a new board (Chitu V2 or V3) to support the 2K monochrome screen. It may not be worth the price if you don’t print frequently. It is just a solution for who may interest in upgrading their old machines^^


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