ATOMSTACK F2 Laser Engraver Honeycomb 400x400mm

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Main feature:

1. Oversized protection size: the maximum support for cutting protection is 445*445mm, and the honeycomb size is 400*400mm, which is perfectly suitable for Atomstack frame machines.

2. Thickened all-metal structure: all-metal structure, high-precision CNC machining, high flatness, firm structure, not easy to deform, not easy to offset

3. Rapid heat dissipation: The size of the honeycomb has been scientifically calculated, so that the engraving can be rapidly dissipated during the engraving process, and the cutting edge can be finer, and at the same time, it can prevent the engraving from burning due to excessive temperature.

4. Non-slip metal fixture fixation: The fixture design is suitable for fixing carvings of various sizes, preventing objects from shifting to the exact position during the carving process, and preventing the deformation of the carvings.

5. Quick measurement: The X-axis and Y-axis have high-definition and accurate scale lines, forming a ruler, which is convenient for you to quickly measure the size of the engraved object

6. Double protection of desktop: ATOMSTACK honeycomb board is designed with scientific and reasonable honeycomb height and size to prevent laser burning of the workbench or desktop. At the same time, it is equipped with an anti-cutting metal protection pad, which can further protect the desktop from laser damage, which is very suitable for various styles. CO2 or Diode Laser Engraver

7. Protect the laser module: in the laser cutting operation, the use of ATOMSTACK honeycomb board can prevent the laser reflection from damaging the laser head during the cutting process and prolong the service life of the laser

8. Applicable equipment: CO2 laser engraving machine, diode laser engraving machine, fiber laser engraving machine

Product parameters:

Material: high strength steel

Product size: 445*445*22mm

Honeycomb mesh diameter: 10mm

Honeycomb mesh size (engraving size): 400*400*22mm

Product net weight: 1.7KG

Cutting backing plate: SUS304, 400*400*0.5mm

Fixture size: 140*15*3mm

Packing weight: 2.97KG

Packing size: 477*437*50mm

packing list:

Honeycomb board*1



Magnetic nail*4

Honeycomb board fixture*4

Heightening rubber pad*4

Cutting pad*1