Chitu systems UV meter for resin 3d printers 405nm UV light meter


Portable UV intensity meter for resin 3d printers, 405nm only.

Correct light strength can help you get a better resin setting test.

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This kit aims to help you check out the UV light strength of your printers.

Why need it?

The resin will cure under UV light, and the curing time depends on the strength of the UV light source. Once you know how it relates between exposure time and light strength, you get the right direction to do the exposure test.

Your exposure time testing will be much easier base on the data. especially when trying to change a new brand of resin or a new printer.

You may also find if there is a dead pixel on your screens since it has no data when you detect it.

light intensity meter


Probe type: P405L1

Probe size: 36*36*13.8mm

Sensor: GVBL-S12SD

Spectral response range: 405nm±3nm

Test hole diameter:  φ=10mm

Power range: 0~50000μW/cm²

Measuring accuracy: ±10%

Photocurrent attenuation: 10,000 exposure hours

Input: 5V USB

  1. It requests a 5V voltage supply, the best way is to use the board USB port directly before you go to print.
  2. Keep away from resin. If resin leaks on the probe, clean it with isopropyl alcohol with cotton.
  3. Extreme temperatures above 70℃ and below -10℃ can impact measurements, use in the indoor environment only.

Because of the differences between UV light uniformity and screen transition rate, It is normal you get different data at different test points.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Gérald Noir

    Happen to see Chitu sell this and get one, shipping is fast and packaged well; now I can check if there are dead pixel on screen once get a fail print, 

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  2. 5 out of 5

    Sarina Santos

    It is much cheaper than other light meters and works great for my resin printers. Get the same data as the one I used before,  which is about 200 dollars. keep moving chitu systems!

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  3. 5 out of 5

    Tandy Hoyte

    Amazing product!

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