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Network printing

This interface is for Ethernet connected

Open the wireless function button first on the Network page. Some printers not come with the ethernet and wifi, so this page is not shown in manu.

The Network printing request your board comes with the Ethernet port

If your board has not come with this network page, you can try to use our normal GUI from

A) Open CHITUBOX software
Open the CHITUBOX in your PC or laptop.

B) Import STL file
Open file or drag the file to CHITUBOX.

C) Settings
Click “Settings”, make sure use the “default” mode.

D) Click “Slice”
After settings, click “Slice” and wait the slicing process to complete.

E) Click “Network sending”
After slicing, click “Network sending” in the right side.

F) Send file
In “Network sending” box, click “Printer name” list, select the printer or board that connected to the
LAN, click , the file will send to the printer.