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The UNIZ IBEE 3D resin printer review

About resin 3D printer you should know firstly

Resin 3D printers aren’t nearly as common as their FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) counterparts and there is good reason for that; the resin itself is messy and inconvenient to work with, the resin is more expensive than most conventional thermoplastic filament and resin printers generally have smaller print volumes than similarly-priced FFF 3D printers. But resin 3D printers almost always offer far better print quality than FFF 3D printers, particularly when it comes to reproducing fine details in models. At the highest detail settings, resin 3D prints also have virtually invisible layer lines. Those factors make resin 3D printers ideal for figurines and professional-looking mechanical parts.

Until a few years ago, resin 3D printers were also far more expensive than most consumer FFF 3D printers. Fortunately, prices have dropped dramatically in recent years. Today, I strongly recommend the UNIZ IBEE 3D resin printer to you!


The introduction about the UNIZ IBEE 3D resin printer

UNIZ IBEE 3D Printer

This printer has many pros. Now allow me tell you them one by one. The first is it is equipped extremely high 4K resolution. The resolution is up to 3840×2400 pixels, the smallest detail expression is up to 200µm, all details are highly restored, and the excellent printing effect is provided. The second is this printer has high performance. UNIZ LCD 3d printer, the maximum printing speed can reach 80mm/hr, the printing speed is fast, far surpassing ordinary printers. The third is it has more lager volume, which are 192mmx120mmx220mm. That is a super large printing space, which can greatly meet your creative needs. Then it adopts ultra-high economical resin pool. The extremely low-cost release film and ultra-low-cost resin can reduce the cost of use and replacement for you, and facilitate your continuous use. What’s more, it has software remote control. The newly developed upper software UNIZ Maker, simple and easy to use, powerful, supports one-key printing.

The parameters of UNIZ IBEE 3D resin printer

The printing accuracy is ±10um. Layer thickness (Z-axis resolution) is 25, 50, and 100um. Printing speed is up to 80mm/hr. The volume is 325x325x510mm/12.8inx12.8inx20in. The weight is15.8KG/34.8LB. The working temperature is recommended at 18-28°C (64-82° F). The optical system is UNIZ’s fourth-generation high-precision collimated light source. Mechanical parts are cast aluminum, CNC, and injection molding. You can connect this printer through Flash Drive, Wi-Fi, Etherne. The UNIZ IBEE 3D resin printer system requires Windows 7 and above (64-bit only), Mac OS X 10.7 and above (64-bit only), 16GB RAM, OpenGL 2.1, discrete graphics card. In addition, there are some advanced features, such as a built-in advanced model repair function; super large file support (1GB+).

There are some main features maybe can arouse your attention


45 ° UNIZ IBEE 3D Printer

The first is 4K high precision. A newly invented 4th gen collimated light source can shine light through LCD screens in a uniform and smooth way, Monochrome LCD screens can increase 50% light transmittance and 30% power over normal LCD screens, and also their Lifespan is 10x longer. Provide accurate printing with 3840*2400 pixels and XY axis resolution of 49.8um, the highest accuracy can reach ±10μm. The second is it is large and detailed. Build Volume: 7.5″(L)× 4.7″(W)× 8.7″ (H) (192mm x 120mm x 220mm), to meet the creative needs of larger and quantity models, meanwhile, This machine is capable of delivering industrial-grade accuracy and details. It can achieve a superb minimum feature size of 0.2 mm with a super smooth surface and astonishing details. The third is this printer has fast printing speed. IBEE is a Consumer Printer, with Powerful motors output, Highly-efficient chip structure, Components long work with no fatigue, Ensuring consumable life and printing success rate, The max printing speed can reach 80mm/hr.

The using feeling

The IBEE is big because it has a very generous build volume for a resin 3D printer: 192 x 120 x 220 mm (7.5 x 4.7 x 8.7 inches). That is large enough to make the IBEE useful for general 3D printing and not just tiny D&D figurines — though it is great for those, too. The machine is heavy because it is very well-built. There is no cheap injection-molded plastic here. It is constructed from sheet metal and machined aluminum. Still, a solid machine is pointless if it doesn’t print well. Thankfully, the IBEE prints extremely well. It has an 8.9” 4K monochrome LCD with a resolution of 3840 x 2400, which provides a stated XY resolution of 49.8µm. Speaking in practical terms, that is a high enough resolution that you will never need to think about it. The minimum layer thickness is 25µm, so layer lines are nearly invisible. In addition, the IBEE can print up to 80/mm an hour thanks to its powerful UV light engine, though that is at the thickest layer setting. At the 25µm minimum and the default exposure settings, a single layer requires 1.8 seconds of exposure and 2 seconds of cool-down time.

Setting up the machine and getting a print started is easy, but it does require that you use the UNIZ Maker software. Third-party slicers don’t currently support the IBEE, though they may in the future. Luckily, UNIZ Maker is straightforward and capable. You can easily position your models, generate supports, and slice the print. Then you can simply save the sliced file to the provided USB flash drive and insert it into the machine. The machine has a handy 4.3” color touchscreen to select files. You’ll even get a nice preview of your model while printing and accurate information about the print’s status.

If you are in the market for a high-quality resin 3D printer, the UNIZ IBEE is a fantastic choice. It is priced similarly to competing for resin 3D printers on the market and is capable of producing some very high-quality parts. As long as you keep the realities of resin 3D printing in mind, I can’t imagine that you will be disappointed with the new UNIZ IBEE.


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