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The Creality Halot Sky 8.9 inch 4k screen resin 3d printer

The information about Shenzhen Chuangxiang 3D Technology Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Chuangxiang 3D Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with a leading brand of global consumer-grade 3D printers, focusing on the research and development, and production of 3D printers. Industrial and educational 3D printer patents. At present, the fused deposition and light curing 3D printers independently developed and manufactured are at the leading level in China. The company has been committed to the market application of 3D printers, providing efficient and affordable 3D printing comprehensive solutions for individuals, families, schools, and enterprises.

The Creality Halot Sky 8.9 inch 4k screen resin 3d printer

The emergence of 3D printing is what you need to know.

The emergence of 3D printing technology has greatly improved our living standards. 3D printing technology can be used in household products, model decoration, the education industry, movie figures, architectural models, and dental applications. In addition, there are mainly SLA 3D printers and LCD 3D printers. Now I want to introduce the MSLA to you, especially the Creality Halot Sky 8.9 inch 4k screen resin 3d printer. 

The introduction about the Creality Halot Sky 8.9 inch 4k screen resin 3d printer.

HALOT-SKY resin 3d printer is a new generation of flagship resin 3d printers. Unlimited innovation drives resin printing future. Core technology upgrades for a brand new generation, such as innovative integral light source, 8.9-inch black and white screen, AI hardcore brain, WIFI-APP intelligent control, high agility slicing, OTA online upgrade, flip protective cover, and high stability Z-axis.

More intelligent Creality Cloud printing can be realized. Built-in WiFi module for Creality APP intelligent control Real-time monitoring of printing status to realize remote printing management.

The Creality Halot Sky 8.9 inch 4k screen resin 3d printer has an 8.9-inch 4K black and white display and 3840*2400 high resolution. At the same time, it meets the requirements of high-precision prototype printing, the service life is as high as 2000h, and the single-layer curing time is as short as 1-4s.

Compatible with a variety of slicing software, this printer opens up a new era of printing. It provides a more convenient 3D slicing and printing experience. Connected through slicing software, it can control multiple printers at the same time, so as to achieve group printing and enjoy more professional creative freedom.

This printer has an AI hardcore brain and powerful computing power. AI algorithm chip, super data, and image processing performance greatly improve the efficiency of printing, and the power consumption is greatly reduced. At the same time, the OTA online upgrade, bid farewell to the trouble of external design, it supports online cloud upgrades and local upgrades, and the new system can be upgraded with one click, which quickly improves the user experience.

The company itself developed an integral light source, which can control light more precious. The Creality Halot Sky 8.9 inch 4k screen resin 3d printer uses a new generation of light source technology, which adopts a reflection integral structure to realize a precise optical layout. Endow the prototyped models with higher precision and more gloss to realize comprehensive promotion. The light source power is 120w. This printer’s light source energy is 4000 pW/m² and it has more than 90% uniformity. The data is provided by Creality Lab, and the test data has slight deviations, which is a normal phenomenon. 

Reinforced Z-axis structure embraces both stability and fineness for more stable operation. Z-axis dual linear guide rails + dual configuration of ball and screw Widened and thickened column profile for stabilized machine body Micron-level precision operation to avoid layer effect and make the printing performance more excellent.

There are more simple and easier slicing for quick mastering of novices. To dig into the customer’s experience to work on the self-developed slicing software. The simplified user interface is easy to operate without requirements and the simplified user interface can easily model.

A more convenient flip protective cover saves more space. The flip cover design saves the flipping operation space. In addition, the translucent protective cover clearly presents the printing process.


The details of Creality Halot Sky 8.9 inch 4k screen resin 3d printer

The 3D printing application:

Industrial Design: product design process board production.

Art Design: a highly difficult process to form complex shapes.

Mechanical design: verification and testing of the mechanical design process.

Architectural design: building the prototype design and planning, construction of sand table model.

Medical research and development: design and production of medical institutions.

Personalized design: DIY and personalized design enthusiasts production.

Educational institutions: model teaching, design, and experiment.

All in all, I highly recommend the Creality Halot Sky 8.9 inch 4k screen resin 3d printer, you can try it. I am sure you won’t regret it.


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