Join CHITUBOX Affiliate Program

How to Join CHITUBOX Affiliate program?

We welcome everyone to join us if you loving 3d printing.


Making videos on YouTube with 3d printing.

Facebook Members

You are active on Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter or reddit etc.


Making content with 3d printing on bloggers or forums like ALL3DP, 3DPI, etc.

Hobby User

You love to share skills with others and get revenue.

Why Choose Us

CHITUBOX has been used and praised by a large number of users and trusted by over 700,000 users

We provide the most professional support and try our best to make the product better, if you are enjoying resin 3d printing and know a lot about Chitubox, welcome to join us.


High Commision

Up to 20% commission rates with qualified orders.


Direct Support

You can get the professional support team to work out all your question.


Permanent Tracking

Our affiliate tracking is permanent.


Free License available

We can provide free licenses or discounts base on your promotion channel.


No matter if you are influencers on YouTuber, Facebook, blog, or just a hobby user, we welcome you to be a CHITUBOX affiliate to share it with your subscribers and friends. we’re glad to have you agree with our product.


More questions please contact

1. You can apply from this link.

2. You can create affiliate links in the affiliate center and post the link to your channel.

3. You will get a commission once there are qualified orders via your affiliate link.

Usually, we will finish the payment at the end of each month via Paypal, you will have to bear all transaction fees. You can also request a wire transfer with a bigger bill.

Note: if the amount does not exceed $50 we may pay it when it is. Or you can contact us.